Most People With Tattoos Don't Get Proper Care Instructions

Many People With Tattoos Don’t Get Proper After Care Instructions

mr_Prof via Getty Images People who get tattoos need better instructions on how to properly care for their skin afterward, and most states need stronger guidelines for tattoo artists about this topic, a new opinion paper suggests. Only seven states in the U.S. — Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and North Dakota — have… Read More

Tattoo art now hitting the auction block

Tattoo art hitting the auction block

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and have become the new normal, but now they are headed into the world of fine art , fetching high prices at Guernsey’s auction house. Often misunderstood, tattoos have been part of cultural traditions all over the world. Brought stateside by swells of servicemen post-World War II,… Read More

Tattoos hit the NZ workplace mainstream

Tattoos hits NZ workplace mainstream

Former mayor of Otorohanga, Dale Williams. Photo / NZ Herald Kiwis companies seem to be liberal on the idea of employees with visible tattoos. The latest Environmental Risk Management Authority survey on tattoos found one in three New Zealanders under the age of 30 have body art. The Huffington Post reported last week, that well-known… Read More

How to dress to complement your tattoos

Dressing to complement tattoos

Angel Garcia, of Denver, shows how to dress your tattoos in black. Garcia, a make-up artist and stylist, also recommends no crazy patterns. If you must do patterns, go simple, with polka dots or stripes, she says. ( ) My new floral-print dress matched my eyes, hair color, makeup and facial skin tone. I had… Read More

Judge tosses lawsuit challenging CPD policy on tattoos

Judge tosses out lawsuit challenging CPD policy on tattoos

Chicago police officers salute during a 2014 graduation ceremony at Navy Pier. In a 1976 case, the Supreme Court held that law enforcement agencies could enforce a grooming standard. "Similarity in appearance of police officers is desirable," the court’s opinion said. (Antonio Perez, Chicago Tribune) A federal judge this week threw out a lawsuit filed… Read More

5 Myths About Stick & Poke Tattoos That Need Some Serious Clarification

5 Myths About Stick & Poke Tattoos That Need Some Serious Clarification

I can’t remember my first attempt at DIY tattoos, but I do remember that I had at least a couple before the myths of stick and pokes began to buzz around me. It’s not as if everyone I knew was doing having wild stick and poke parties in college, but I can say that enough… Read More

'Ink Master' tattoo artist Scott Marshall dead at 41

Ink Master tattoo artist Scott Marshall dead at age 41

Glendale Heights native and tattoo artist Scott Marshall won Season 4 of “Ink Master.” To tattoo fans, Scott Marshall was the F-bombingly cocky winner of Season 4 of Spike TV’s “Ink Master.” But his wife said she and his children remember the Glendale Heights native as a loving father and husband. “He knew how to… Read More

These Women Transformed Their Breast Cancer Scars Into Gorgeous Survivor Tattoos

These Women Transformed Breast Cancer Scars Into Survivor Tattoos

by Katie Kausch This year breast cancer will affect an estimated 230,000 American women, many of whom will turn to surgery to prevent or treat the disease. Mastectomies often result in heavy scarring as well as the loss of the nipple, which doctors may attempt to recreate through tattoos. Unfortunately, with little tattoo training, doctors… Read More

My tattoos help me feel more comfortable in my own skin

My tattoos help me feel more comfortable in my skin

Brian Switek’s allosaurus tattoo. Photograph: Tracey Switek The needle never hurts any less. Five previous sessions taught me that much, but I tried to push the fact out of my mind as Austin the tattoo artist gave his instrument a few experimental pulses before setting into the afternoon’s work. The tattoo gun sounded like an… Read More