Tattoos and Theological Education: In Common Cause to Change the World

Tattoos and Theological Education

Last night I attended a high school fair that featured non-traditional educational opportunities for high school graduates. I was intrigued by how many of the organizations’ reps, the ones standing next to the colorful tablecloths loaded with brochures, signup sheets and candy, had come to their work through some deep encounter with engagement in the… Read More

Workzone: Tattoos are losing their taboo

Workzone: Tattoos are losing their taboo

Josh Cascone, 23, prays during Bible study at In the Blood Tattoo and Piercing, the South Side headquarters of The End Ministries, an emergent ministry that offers hospitality to those who are disenchanted with mainstream churches. By Steve Twedt / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette There was a time when sporting a tattoo meant “you’re either a sailor,… Read More

How Rethinking Dress Codes, Tattoos, Piercings Will Improve Your Customer Service

How Rethinking Dress Codes, Tattoos, Piercings Improves Customer Service

If you want to create a customer experience and style of customer service that puts both customers and employees at ease, revisit how you require your employees to dress. In today’s informal society, the most successful sartorial approach is, by and large, to encourage your customer-facing employees to dress more or less like your customers–at least like your… Read More

Father-of-five left 'a social outcast and unable to get a job' after getting DIY facial tattoo using PRINTER INK while drunk

Father-of-five left unable to get a job since DIY facial tattoo using PRINTER INK while drunk

Lee, a father-of-five from Grimsby, says tattoos have ruined his life 35-year-old has even attempted to remove them using a cheese grater DIY tattoos were made using printer ink during a drunken party He has not worked for five years because of the facial inkings  Published: 11:38 EST, 5 January 2015 | Updated: 13:56 EST,… Read More