My First Tattoo

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I recently got a new tattoo. My very first to be exact. It’s a small blue heart about an inch big on my right scapula. At first I didn’t like it very much but with each day it grows on me. I see the blue coming out more and more instead of just a dark heart. I almost got it black and am thinking of having it done over in black. This was an early spontaneous birthday present to myself as my birthday is Sunday and I will be 19. I decided why not get a tattoo. I’ve been waiting since I was 12 but when I got to the shop I just changed the design. My friend and I both got tattoos together so it’s something I will always remember. Her with a heart smiley face on her ankle and me with my blue heart. And surprisingly it didn’t hurt as much as everyone said it would. My brother also has a celtic four leaf clover in the same place and he said it hurt really bad but i barely felt a thing. Already, I’m contemplating what tattoo to get next.


  1. Thanks Quyennie for the great story about your tattoo! Happy Birthday too! If you want add the pics or u can email them to me at and I will be glad to add them to your post for u, no prob. Or when u r ready come back and add if u want.
    Thanks again Quyennie. I hope u enjoy the site.

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