Stomach Butterfly Tattoo on a freind I know. It is a cool tattoo check it out. Leave a commnet about this Butterfly Tattoo on her if you want, thanks

Choosing Tattoos with a Friend

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Stomach Butterfly Tattoo

Hello my friends I had a friend who wanted a tattoo and need an idea of what to get. She asked me if I could draw and I said “not at all”. I told her to go online to find something and she said she had no computer so I invited her to dinner and to sit w/me to search the web. To my surprise it did not take long to find couple sites that she found interesting. After about 5 hours of searching the sites and 1 hour for dinner she found what she was looking for and I got a sweet kiss on the cheek and an invite to go with her to get it inked on. I accepted and thought she was going to be in pain the whole time but I was wrong. She was sooo brave and did not even flinch once! I have no tats so I don’t know how it feels but anytime a needle is used I just assumed it was going to hurt

 We both learned a lot talking to the owner who did her tats. He told us about the history and how the “tools of the trade” have changed over the long history of tattoos. When all finished we left with her tat and my new found knowledge of something I did not much at all about. We both left with something but flinch of not mine was 100% painless and I hate pain in any form. She told her friends about the sites we found and three of her friends got tats at the same shop using picks from the sites. Oh and I have to think of what I am going to cook next Friday night.

Please check out these sites and you might see your dream tat. You will have to find a trusted shop to have it done. I just found the whole thing neat and am considering getting one myself pain or no pain…lol

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