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My first tattoo

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My Placebo Wings tattoo

Hope you like it!

This is my first tattoo. I did it just like one month and a half ago, and it was painful but awesome. It is on my back, and it is Placebo Wings. I did it because I love Placebo with all my heart and I decided that it was a good way to keep them near of me, because they represent so much for me and my life and they’ve been there in a lot of things I’ve been through.

So, here it is. I’m 21 and I’m from Mexico. I don’t know, but some people told me I’m crazy for doing such a big thing as a tattoo (I mean, cause it’s the first), but I simply loved it. Now I’m thinking about the second one, but I’m still not sure!


  1. Hola y gracias por ser parte de mi sitio web! Has elegido un tatuaje muy bonito para que coincida con su espíritu y amor de la vida. Nunca se arrepentirá, porque es desde el corazón. Tienen una gran semana en México!


    Hi and thanks for being a part of my website! You chose a very beautiful tattoo to match your spirit and love of life. You will never regret it because it is from the heart. Have a great week in Mexico!

    1. A bit late… but thanks much for the kind words about my little tattoo site. If you have or get a tattoo pls add it here I would love to have you as a new member!

    1. I wish she would get more tattoos and add them here…lol I can’t say for sure bc I do not like to bug members w/emails. It would help my site out a lot to have more to show here. If you would like to put an ad on my site for your tattoo supply site let me know in a comment. I get 1000++ pvs a day and it MIGHT get some sales for you.

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