My Koi Carp

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blackrockstar's koi carp Tattoo

This is a picture of my Koi Carp that was tattooed on my right underarm in 2007. This tattoo is a symbol for me starting a fulltime career as an artist and producer. As the Koi Carp resembles wealth, strength, success, following your dreams and going against the stream it reminds me of why I’m doing what I’m doing!


Urban Rock Star, Frontman of RIVE, father of a son, Friend and lover of ChanT, Director of 2RRP and LOUD Foundation, Dj, MC, Host/Presenter Revolutionary, Worldchanger, Historymaker, Worldtraveller, Cosmopolitan


  1. Thanks for joining and posting this awesome Koi tat. It is one of my favorite design choices. The Koi Carp has a long and meaningful place in tattoo history. Thans for sharing it with us. =)

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