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It really depends on how you count tattoos to decide how many I have. I will just tell what I have and the stories behind them if there is one.. My first tattoos were the two black stars on my back that were going to have wings attached going down my back but then I decided against the wings. Next came the brass knuckles on my lower stomach and the banner that says “Love to Live, Live to Love”. After that came my left half sleeve, of a skull, daisies and windstream. Then I got the Nintendo logo on the back of my neck due to  my love of Nintendo and gaming. I love pirates so I got the word pirate tattooed inside my lip. When I moved down to Seattle for 3 months I got 3 mario stars on each side of my neck and then got the autobot and decepticon symbols on my forearms. That same day I got 1337 G33k on the backs of my legs. I also have skeleton hands on my ribs. My chest piece is a skull and crossbones with red spider web as the background. We are going to put color in it eventually. I also recently got my right full sleeve started and just two days ago I got “painted” tattooed around my left wrist. Painted symbolizes the ink all over my skin and also the fact that the word “pain” is in it is pretty meaningful 🙂 That is all the ink I have right now.. still have a long ways to go though 🙂



    1. Glad you liked it. She has some awesome transformer tattoos. The rest are coold too. Thanks for the bookmark. I wish more people would do that. It helps to get all the authors content noticed…lol.

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