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Hell0, thanks for stopping by to see my site! I hope you find something of interest. I am always looking for good content so if you would like to add your favorite tattoo photo/s and write why you chose the design. You dont have to write anything (photo only is ok) but it is good to help others who might be looking to get another or their first tat. To become an author here simply sign up under “Site Links” in the sidebar. You can also keep up with all the new content emails by adding your email address to the “Subscribe To RSS” box also in the sidebar.

Stay a while and look around. If you want to see all the photos on this site check out the new photo wall at: . Tell some friends who you think might like this site or add their unique content.

Thanks so much for your visits and comments. With your help this site can grow to be one of the best/biggest tattoo site of its kind.

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I am the Admin of this site. If you have any questions just send them to my email at: anewtattoo @ live . com without the spaces of course. I hope u take a few minutes to look around. I am looking for fans of tattoo and body art to become members/authors. Share your photos and knowledge about tattoo or body art/mod. Tell your friends about this site to help it grow. Thanks for the visit.

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