ROSE TATTOOS samples desgn with a few different colored roses and read about more tatoos

Rose Tattoos

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ROSE TATTOOS samples desgn with a few different colored roses and read about more tatoosWhen I think of what the most beautiful tattoo could be the Rose Tattoo is in the top three. I took a friend to one of my favorite shops in town. She got a rose tattoo on her hip. I did not even suggest it. I was thinking of it though so it shocked me to see her choice. It must be a sign of a good choice, right?
I have always had a thing for the rose especially purple ones ( her tat was red ). They are grown in many different shades of purple and can be normal sized or mini. The aroma of them is amazing. It is a shame they can not use an ink that has like a scratch n sniff property to it…lol
Many people have been getting flower tattoos. I wonder why? Was there a National Geographic thing on tv about flowers? It’s cool with me don’t get me wrong. I think it is a great tattoo choice with a number of various choices.
I earn a few buck$ when I bring customers to the local tattoo shops. I give intro to the artist/owner then I split. That way there is no pressure on my part. I think it is not my place to suggest a design and don’t often give my input unless it is a very good friend. Tattoos last for ever so it has to be a personal thing.
If your looking for a new tattoo then think of maybe getting a floral one or perhaps my favorite the Rose Tattoo. If you have a floral tattoo pls leave a comment about how you like it and how people react to seeing it.

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  2. I got a very simple tribalish black rose on my arm…not really sure why but I liked the design and it fit well with other elements that I added later… I’m not a huge fan of ornate colorful roses juxtaposed with tribal designs like the example above, but it’s just my preference. Personally I think a cute rose on a girl’s ankle is hot.

    1. Most people get tattoos because they like the design. One must have some liking to it to live with it for a life time. Unless it was done on a bet…lol =O
      Thanks for the comment Mark.

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