Floral Backpiece

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back tattoos

This is my first tattoo, and my only one so far (when you start with an 8 hour backpeice it’s hard to know what to do next…). there’s not really a hard and fast meaning behind it other than my love of plants and nature and of wanting to be enveloped in something beautiful. :] i spent a long time thinking about exactly what i wanted and how it would wrap around my body so it looked good both in clothes and out of them, and i went to an artist who i knew was good at making the art work with a person’s body. dave is definitely a talented artist, and we spent probably two hours sketching it all out with sharpies before touching a needle. all told, it’s one of the best decisions i’ve ever made. i love the way it wraps around me and i love how the colors are a little bit muted; close up it looks painted on (i’ve had a few people come up to me and try to rub exposed parts of it off!). my only worry is about what i can get next that won’t detract from how beautiful this one turned out!


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