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 24k Gold tattoosWhat kind of new tattoos for 2012 have you seen?  If you have ideas for new tattoos in 2012 or just one you have or plan to get please join us here and post them for us to check out and comment about.  I saw a Solid 24-carat gold tattoos and this Augmented Reality mark: Holographic skin art that show up when viewed thru mobile phone. These are only a few.

In 2010 members posted a lot of cool tattoo design they have. One of my favorite posts of 2011 Plenty of Ink has some transformers tattoos and gaming tats.  She has many more too.  That is why she titled it what she did I guess.  My niece even posted about herAngel Tattoo a few months back. It is in memory of her mother.  Another of my favorites has to be this post Rockabilly Tattoos Reviving the Art of Sailor Jerry .  It is worth reading so check it out!
I have many favorites on this site but I won’t write about each because I hate writing to be honest.  Please enjoy them for yourself by taking a few minutes looking around.  Remember that you could join us and write about yourtattoos in 2012.

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  1. Those are nice examples of what is possible for tattoos in 2011 ! Sweet 3d tattoo too. It looks awesome thur my phone. The gold tattoo is ok i guess if you don’t have to walk thur the bad part of town. I dont have the mony either for a gold anything…lol

  2. I would be afraid someone would try to scrape it off for the gold! It has gone up n price. I guess too that a gold tattoo might be good investment if price of gold keeps going up. Love the 3d one. Telling a few friends to check it out too bc the r looking for new ideas. bfn

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