Best and Worst Tattoos on the Seattle Mariners

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Best and Worst Tattoos on the Seattle Mariners

There have been players in Major League baseball history that have had some interesting tattoos, like the one above of former Cubs (now Red Sox) third baseman Ryan Roberts.

The Mariners don’t have that much ink on one player, but the Mariners have some players who have had some interesting ink on their arms, necks or legs.

Doesn’t matter where, I just think that we should take a look at some of the players who have had the best tattoos. And talk a little bit about them besides their tattoos as we’ll and see what they have done in their career. Taijuan Walker

What can you say about the “Fresh Prince of Seattle”? First off he’s one of the biggest Fresh Prince of Bel Air fan ever. He’s a phenom that has covered both of his arms in some pretty interesting ink work.

Not only did he cover his arms in ink but he’s also gotten both of the back of his hands tatted up as well……OUCH! Tatted or no tats, Walker still has a destiny to fulfill in Seattle.

He is currently making his first rehab start and is hoping to make his season debut this next month. Hopefully Seattle’s tatted up Fresh Prince can stay healthy this time to make his long awaited 2014 debut next month. Joe Beimel

What can you say about Beimel? You gotta love the beard, you love the way he pitches, and you have to love his right sleeve tattoo. One of the more […]

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