Low-cut blouses, tattoos digitally censored by Utah school in students’ yearbook photos

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Low-cut blouses, tattoos digitally censored by Utah school in students' yearbook photos

Loading Photo Gallery HEBER CITY, Utah — A little airbrushing to school pictures can spell big relief, concealing pimples and brightening complexions. But some students at a Utah’s Wasatch High School cracked their yearbooks this week to find more than tiny touchups: digital alterations including cap sleeves on their tank tops, raised necklines and in one case, a vanished tattoo.

Several students at the Heber City public school said they’ve often worn those outfits on campus and never heard from officials that they violated the dress code.

With the digital changes, "I feel like they’re shaming you, like you’re not enough, you’re not perfect," sophomore Shelby Baum said Thursday. Baum’s collarbone tattoo reading "I am enough the way I am" was lifted from her photo. She also discovered a high, square neckline drawn onto her black V-neck T-shirt.

Baum said she plans to ask for a refund or a new book with an unaltered photo.

Other students whose photos were doctored said the pictures squelched their right to express their style, and made them feel singled out because school officials have been inconsistent in enforcing the standards.

Students tasked with assembling the yearbook as part of a yearlong class altered photos of at least seven students at Wasatch, which has an enrollment of 1,700. None were boys, the students said.

"When I show my grandchildren, I’m gonna be like, ‘Yeah, I went to a high school where we weren’t allowed to be who we were,’" said sophomore Rachel Russell, whose shirt sprouted sleeves in her […]

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