Would you let someone ink you permanently – FREEHAND? Mind-blowing tattoo designs improvised on the spot

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Would you let someone ink you permanently - FREEHAND? Mind-blowing tattoo designs improvised on the spot

Tattoo artist of Chinese parentage grew up in Johannesburg

Famed for stunning designs and unplanned watercolour techniques

Mixes geometrics and pointillism, realism and abstract styles

Charges £325-£810 depending on the time invested and size of the piece

The decision to get a tattoo is a hard one – and finding a design you like enough to keep forever is even tougher.

But people are now flocking to a tattoo artist who inks from his imagination there and then – no sketchpad in sight.

The astonishing methods of aptly-named tattooist Jay Freestyle, who is based in Amsterdam, results in stunning, soulful artworks, which last forever on the skin. His inkings appear laboriously planned buy Jay’s insanely stunning designs, blends and lines are improvisedHis ethereal inkings appear meticulously planned but Jay’s floating shadows, thick and thin lines, accurate proportions and expert colour blending are a product of improvisation.The South African tattoo artist, 29, makes his designs up as he goes along while he is working on his clients.Inspired by traditional painting techniques such as watercolour and liquid ink, he brings in modern and graphic elements.His motto reads: ‘Give me a piece of your skin and I’ll give you a piece of my soul’ which sums up his way of work.People try to come to Jay with extremely detailed ideas, but after talking it through and hearing his extreme knowledge about aesthetics, placement, colouring, size and symbolism; almost all turn around and say: ‘Go for it, I trust you blindly’ […]

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