10 World Cup stars' tattoos decoded

10 World Cup stars’ tattoos decoded

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10 World Cup stars' tattoos decoded

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Print BBC News Magazine Mesut Ozil’s tattoo reads "Only God can judge me" The World Cup in Brazil has been described as the best in the tournament’s history, with more goals and upsets than usual. Audiences have also noticed an explosion in tattoos. But what stories do they tell?Mauricio Pinilla, Chile Mauricio Pinilla’s tattoo Footage of Pinilla’s commemorative tattoo has appeared on Twitter Mauricio Pinilla This is the most "World Cup" of World Cup tattoos. Inked in in just the last few days, it serves to remind striker Pinilla of his own near-miss in extra time during the second-round game against Brazil. Chile were later knocked out on penalties, with Pinilla having his attempt saved. The line "One centimetre from glory" adds to the tattoo’s hair-shirt quality. "It illustrates the depth of despair this individual is feeling," says David Fletcher, a sports psychologist at Loughborough University. "It’s interesting that the tattoo is on his back, rather than his arm or wrist. It suggests that he’s not using it as a spur to further action but more of a statement of how close he came to glory."Sergio Ramos, Spain Sergio Ramos and tattoo The twin offerings – one on each calf – from the Real Madrid player show the World Cup and Champions League trophies. Spain did not win the former until 2010, while Real had to wait 12 years to take the latter for a record 10th time. Ramos and his teammates had high hopes of retaining the World Cup trophy in Brazil, but they were knocked out in the first round. "Not every tattoo has a narrative, and even those that do are often contrived," says Matt Lodder, a body art historian at the University of Essex.Nigel de Jong, Netherlands Nigel De Jong with tattoos The artist Ade Itameda, who draws inspiration from traditional Indonesian […]