Physician removes unwanted tattoos

Physician removes unwanted tattoos

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Physician removes unwanted tattoos

BELLEVILLE (AP) – The two cherries tattooed on Barb Kershaw’s right ankle are beginning to disappear. And she couldn’t be happier.

“I can’t wait till it’s completely gone,” Kershaw said. “I’ve been wanting to do it for years.”

The simple black outline of two cherries, similar to the cartoonish-looking ones you might see spinning and then suddenly stopping as they appear through the window of slot machine, has been a lasting mark since the day she turned 21. She said she decided to get inked while celebrating her birthday in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Now, at 47, she wants to get rid of it.

“As a grown up, now, I don’t want it,” she said.

The Lebanon resident said she has been trying to wipe it off for years. She tried different balms that were oily and gritty and would take off the top layer of her skin. Earlier this year, when her physician started offering laser tattoo removal, Kershaw immediately signed up. So far, she has received two treatments and is finally seeing results and less of her no-longer-wanted tattoo.

Since January, Dr. Lorna O’Young has provided this service at her practice, Woman to Woman PC at 2900 Frank Scott Parkway West, Suite 908. A gynecologist by training, O’Young began investigating laser tattoo removal last year after she expanded her practice to include laser hair removal service.

“I was looking around and was fascinated by all of the latest technology,” O’Young said. “I want to emphasize that this is a medical procedure. There are a lot of medical spas around and in the state of Illinois. You are supposed to be physician-owned medical spa. That is a law. I take it a further step, because I do all of the treatments myself. I like to do all of the consultations myself. I don’t hand it over to any staff. I’m the only one that fires the laser.”

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