Sorry, but tattoos will not impress a potential employer

Sorry, but tattoos will not impress a potential employer

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Sorry, but tattoos will not impress a potential employer

WHAT’S the cost of a tattoo? Not in financial terms, but to your career and future?

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Jo Perkins from Buckinghamshire lost her job this week as the company she was working for introduced a ban on visible tattoos. The offending piece of “body art” was a butterfly tattoo on her foot.

She has branded the decision as “ridiculous” but it is a stark warning to anyone considering going under the tattooist’s needle. There has been an explosion of tattoos over the past 10 years or so. They used only to be the preserve of convicts, those in the Navy, builders, rock stars and Popeye – now they’re everywhere. It is estimated that 20 per cent of Brits have tattoos.

A permanent marking in a discreet place to remember a loved one is perfectly understandable. A cosmetic tattoo to hide operation scars or skin conditions obviously has many positive benefits for an individual. But more often than not the tattoos we see covering bodies are driven purely by fashion. And as we all know, tastes can change quickly. This means permanent body markings that the owner may live to regret.

A poll of those with tattoos revealed significant numbers had reservations about theirs. Hindsight really is a wonderful thing. A third of those asked were now worried about how they would look when they were older as their skin sagged and got wrinkly. One in six said they hated their tattoo and wanted it surgically removed. Half admitted their tattoo could hold them back in their career. In the case of Ms Perkins, it most certainly has.

S he plans to take legal advice to see if her dismissal constitutes any form of discrimination under inclusion and diversity laws. Legal experts have suggested that any action would be futile because she was working for this company under contract through an agency and […]