This Guy's Kids And Wife Aren't A Fan Of His New Look

This Guy’s Kids And Wife Aren’t A Fan Of His New Look

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This Guy's Kids And Wife Aren't A Fan Of His New Look

Colourful Keith Gordon had agonising skins grafts to remove his teen tattoos – only to spend nearly £15,000 redoing them all over his face and body.

The 58-year-old blames the impulse to ink himself on extreme OCD – which has seen him change his appearance radically several times over the past five decades.

As a teen he was a skinhead before transitioning to long-hair and tattoos. However, he then cut his hair and had all his inkings removed through painful skin grafts so he could start a white-collar career as an administrator. But now, Keith, from Romford, has gone full circle – tattooing most of his body, even his eyelids.

The dad says he’s re-invented himself as ‘the coolest looking guy in Essex’

But, unsurprisingly, it hasn’t gone down with his wife or children.

Keith said: "OCD has completely ruled my life. I’m very obsessional. Once I get started on something I just get carried away. A lot of people look at me aggressively. They look almost saddened and angry but I don’t understand why – it’s me who’s looking like this, not them.

"But I love the attention. I love being different and I love showing people that it is okay to be different." Story continues below the slideshow: Loading Slideshow

Keith was part of the skinhead cult as a teenager. He says he then became obsessed with heavy metal – along with the long hair and tattoos.

Along with his fellow headbangers, he covered his arms and shoulders in inkings – but he had to have them all removed after landing himself an office role – eventually working his way up to a £30,000-a-year job as an administrator. SEE ALSO: This Will Totally Change Your Pre-Conceptions About Face Tattoos After years of change Keith finally turned his back on his carefree bohemian life in Soho, world travels and excessive drinking to finally settle down at the age of 45 – getting married to Lisa, 42, and having children […]