11 Sexy Female idols with Sexier Tattoos

11 Sexy Female idols with Sexier Tattoos

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11 Sexy Female idols with Sexier Tattoos

Last time we took a look at some male idols and their tattoos . This time, let’s take a look at their female counterparts and what these ladies chose to permanently etch on their bodies. Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha

Narsha has four tattoos. She has a star on her right wrist, two feathers on the left top corner of her back, a Treble and Bass clef tattoo on her right foot, and some words on her right ankle.  miss A’s Jia

Jia has a diamond-shaped tattoo behind her right ear and a heartbeat-type tattoo on the inside of her finger.  BoA

BoA has a large "B" tattooed in the middle of her back, which understandably, stands for her name. The letter is accented by two angels peering through the two holes of the B. The artwork is characteristic of BoA’s delicate style and simplicity.  Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori’s tattoos are pleasant to look at because they’re not overdone. Particularly the one on her right arm, which reads,  "Walk lightly in the spring, mother earth is pregnant."  Lee Hyori is an avid nature enthusiast, so drawing on this Native American proverb is befitting and tasteful. f(x)’s Amber

Amber has never explicitly revealed her tattoos, and little is known about the meaning behind them. However, the one on her left wrist has the words "Pray" and "Faith" overlapping to form a cross, which may be suggestive of her religion.  Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In 

Ga In has a tattoo of a star on the inside of her left wrist. It’s simple and it looks elegant without being flashy at all.  4minute’s HyunA

Sexy icon HyunA surprised us when she first showed us her shoulder tattoo in her " Bubble Pop " promotions. The tattoo reads, "My mother is the heart that keeps me alive,"  which represents how close she is to her mother. The sweet words are a nice contrast to the strong, sexy image she always carries.  […]