Jordan Culver: Tattoos are only skin deep

Jordan Culver: Tattoos are only skin deep

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Jordan Culver: Tattoos are only skin deep

Jordan Culver (Photo: Column )

I’m curious about how society judges people.

Back in mid-July, the Tallahassee Democrat ran a story about Going Places Outreach’s new Drop-In Center. The story was about a local nonprofit helping youngsters find jobs, food and a place to shower. The staffers even arranged daily activities for anyone who came through the doors.

Instead of the services described in the story, a few people — both readers writing to the paper and people I’ve overheard in my personal life — decided to focus on the photo of Taylor Biro that ran with the story.

Biro is one of the people dedicating her time and energy to making sure the center runs smoothly. She’s doing a job. It looks as if she’s doing her job pretty well. That’s not enough for a few Zing!ers who decided to focus on the fact she has green hair and multiple tattoos.

Unless her hair is dyed with a brain-melting toxin and her tattoos were done with magic Stupid Ink, I fail to see how her cosmetic changes impact her ability to do her job assisting the city’s youth.

One Zing! in particular made my blood boil when my friend (and occasional editor) Mark Hohmeister brought it to my attention:

“You’re not going to get my sympathy with a street outreach advocate covered in tattoos. It’s disgusting.”

I guess I’m risking all of my credibility with the Tallahassee community by telling you this, but I’ll let you in on a secret: I have multiple tattoos. I am also, as the Zing!er put it, disgusting.I won’t tell you where they are, what they’re of or exactly how many I have, because really, it shouldn’t matter. I’ve won multiple state and national awards since joining the Tallahassee Democrat in 2011. I’ve had tattoos since 2009.There was also a brief stint when my ears were pierced, but really, that look wasn’t for me at all.My point is tattoos aren’t glowing neon signs that say, “You […]