'Pure Michigan' tattoos: state's tourism brand making a splash in local ink shops

‘Pure Michigan’ tattoos: state’s tourism brand making a splash in local ink shops

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'Pure Michigan' tattoos: state's tourism brand making a splash in local ink shops

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It’s on Michigan products. It’s graced license plates. And now, the Pure Michigan logo and Michigan themed tattoos are making the rounds on people’s bodies, tattoo artists say.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) controls the branding, and spokesperson Michelle Grinnell said a colleague of hers spotted the Pure Michigan tattoo in person. It’s not an edited photo, she confirmed.

“I think it is kind of a signal of how passionate our fans are and how passionate people are about the state of Michigan,” Grinnell said.

It’s a pretty exact rendering of the Pure Michigan logo with a blue “M,” which signifies the state’s tourism brand. The state’s business branding features a green “M.” PURE MICHIGAN TATTOOS

Do you have a Michigan-related tattoo? It might be a Michigan scene, like a lighthouse, or the entire state.

If so, email a photo of the tattoo, with your name, any interesting story behind the tattoo and who deserves the photo credit. You can email it to elawler@mlive.com .

Tattoo artists say that while the actual logo may be new, many people have been getting Michigan themed tattoos and tattoos incorporating the words “Pure Michigan” for several years.

Larry Albert, an artist at Gallery Fine Art & Tattoo Studio in Lansing said he does probably ten a week. He said he thinks it’s pride in the state that drives it, just like how New Orleans residents get tattoos of the Fleur de Lis.Artist Micah Gunderson of the Sacred Tattoo Studio in Marquette isn’t from Michigan, but you could probably tell which state he is from by looking at him.“I do have a Wisconsin one, yeah,” he said.He said he tattoos themes like the state’s outline, outlines of just the U.P. and the Great Lakes.“For this particular tattoo it’s a lot of maybe just young professionals. A lot of times even people that have moved away and are visiting and just want that little piece of the UP… to take with […]