Sex, booze and tattoos: 12 hours in Magaluf

Sex, booze and tattoos: 12 hours in Magaluf

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Sex, booze and tattoos: 12 hours in Magaluf

Young tourists pose in Punta Ballena street as they have fun in the Magalluf zone. GLOBALPOST reporter Corinne Purtill spent a night with partiers in Magaluf, Spain to find out what the notorious holiday spot is really like.

This is her report from the boozy, sweaty trenches.


“It is strictly forbiden [sic] to practise balconing,” reads a sign in the lobby of Hotel Teix, a concrete bunker off Magaluf’s main drag that sells condoms by the pool and rooms so sparse they look as if they’ve been robbed.

Balconing, the desk clerk explains, is the practice of leaping between balconies on the hotel’s upper floors, which apparently can sound like a good idea after a few shots of alcohol. Magaluf

In the last two weeks, one European tourist was killed and another seriously injured in balcony falls. Tourists die this way every year in Magaluf, including a 23-year-old English woman in 2012 right here at Hotel Teix.

“It’s my second season and I hope my last,” the clerk says.

Asked about Magaluf’s largely British clientele, he closes his eyes and shakes his head like a parent who’s been driving a carful of children for a very long time. “United Kingdom people, when they drink, they go crazy.”

7:15pm. Families are eating in the beachfront restaurants that sell Yorkshire puddings and pina coladas in helmet-sized cups. On the sand, girls in bikinis are taking selfies with candy-coloured phones.“We get everybody here,” says Patrick, a Senegalese immigrant selling sunglasses, speaking in a mixture of Spanish and French.“English, Russian, Italian, a few Germans. But the English are the most loco. They drink and drink. There’s so much alcohol here.” 8:58pm. “I’m not telling you my name,” the tout says calmly, checking his well-gelled hair in the reflection of a cracked iPhone screen. “I’d like to be famous one day, but …”The twenty-something man is on his fourth summer in Magaluf. His job is to put on a blue vest […]