‘Tattoo regret’ an emerging trend

‘Tattoo regret’ an emerging trend

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‘Tattoo regret’ an emerging trend

Despite tattooing being an enduring phenomenon, a parallel trend is also emerging – a move to get them off.

SINGAPORE: Beautiful body art or marks of the menacing and the deviant? Those with a taste for tattoos have said there is more to ink than meets the eye. While tattoo styles come and go, they never fail to attract attention and opinions.

Mr Whopper Tan, the manager of Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio, said: "People who have tattoos are non-conformists. They do not conform to society, the thoughts of society or the thoughts of the family; they want to do something different. Chances of regretting a tattoo are very high. You see how many regrets we have in our life? So why do people still want to do it? It is to prove a point – that I am different, I dare to do it."

Ms Pamela See, a psychologist at the Think Team, said: "Tattoos have been (around) for more than 5,000 years and till this day, I feel like we have moved forward quite a bit in society in the way we look at things and judge certain things. But at the same time, I think the stigma is really hard to remove."


But what if that serpent on your shoulder or the cool heart on your hip starts to become a design disappointment?

At one tattoo studio at Clarke Quay, requests for so-called ‘cover-ups’ are common.

Mr Tan elaborated: “Examples are boyfriends’ names, girlfriends’ names, your own name and your kids’ names. I tattooed my ex-wife’s name also, I tattooed my ex-girlfriends’ names, and I covered up all of them! When you have a tattoo, people want to know why you have a tattoo and explaining to people is very stressful.”

But for many with ‘tattoo regret’, a clever cover-up is not enough.Blogger Michelle Yang Mixue has been undergoing tattoo removal for the past eight weeks. She was 17 when she had a butterfly tattooed […]