11 Things We Need to Stop Saying to People With Tattoos Immediately

11 Things We Need to Stop Saying to People With Tattoos Immediately

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11 Things We Need to Stop Saying to People With Tattoos Immediately

11, things, we, need, to, stop, saying, to, people, with, tattoos, immediately, The number of Americans lining up for tattoos is growing. According to estimates last year, more than one in 10 Americans now have at least one piece of ink. And yet Americans’ perceptions of tattoos continue to differ drastically from those around the world. 

In fact, the history of tattoos dates back thousands of years. In 1991, scientists uncovered the 5,200-year-old "Iceman" mummy with an early prototype of tattoos clearly visible on his wrinkled skin. According to Cate Lineberry at the Smithsonian, these tattoos seemed to have been "applied to alleviate joint pain and were therefore essentially therapeutic." A tattoo mustache was also found on a South American mummy from 6000 B.C., apparently meant to make the man more appealing to his spouse. "It was a cosmetic tattoo, to make his wife more attracted to him, to make him more appealing," Dr. Lars Krutak, a tattoo anthropologist,  said in an interview with Fox Magazin e. Who said vanity was a new concept? 

Around the world , tattoos serve as important symbols of a person’s religious beliefs, commemorate achievements and mark rites of passage. In all these spaces, tattoos are typically respected as something deeply intimate. Yet in the United States tattoos are still too often seen as irresponsible and a sign of rebellion. 

In a photo series,  photographer Spencer Kovats examined this phenomenon, showing tattooed individuals alternately fully clothed and then without clothes, exposing the ink underneath. The show asked viewers to pay attention to their own perceptions. Did their opinion of the subject change depending on whether his or her tattoos were visible?

There are still many myths and misconceptions that surround this particular form of art. Below are some of the most common stereotypes people with body ink are really sick of hearing: 1. "Tattoos are not professional."

For decades, this has been the strategy of many a wary mother. Unfortunately for mommy dearest, however, […]