Craziest Sports-Related Tattoos on Instagram

Craziest Sports-Related Tattoos on Instagram

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Craziest Sports-Related Tattoos on Instagram

Craziest Sports-Related Tattoos on Instagram USA TODAY Sports





We all know that when it comes to sports, people can get pretty irrational. In some cases, even borderline crazy. In other cases, there’s no borderline about it. 

There may be no crazier way to show your fan allegiance than with a very ridiculous, very large tattoo. Instagram is awash with various fan tattoos, some of which are small and tasteful, but the vast majority of which are the exact opposite. 

Instagram hashtags aren’t always the easiest to navigate, but in this case the legwork has been done for you. However, these aren’t your typical tattoo fails—more like very bad ideas executed pretty well. 

Let’s take a look at some of the craziest sports tattoos it has to offer.  Begin Slideshow » Although the Broncos’ costumed mascot isn’t the least bit intimidating, tattoo artists certainly have a way of butching up that horse. Whoever did this particular tattoo also found a way to make the mascot look like the Thundercats logo. You wouldn’t think that there would be much overlap in age between Lakers super fans and Despicable Me super fans, but apparently there’s at least one person occupying both spheres. And there you were thinking that calling someone from Pittsburgh a “Yinzer” was an insult! My people have taken the power back from the word and now wear it as a badge of honor. So that explains one thing, but can anyone tell me why that Penguin is riding on a paper airplane?Wow. This guy really loves famed former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda. The tattoo itself is crazy—seriously, who gets an old man tattoo?—but at least the portrait itself is really good. The above is actually one of the more tasteful and reserved Manchester United tattoos that I’ve ever seen. Or at least it would be, if it were located pretty much anywhere else on that man’s body. The forehead just isn’t an ideal locale for permanent ink. That Floyd Mayweather tattoo is […]