Do tattoos translate from college to corporate?

Do tattoos translate from college to corporate?

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Do tattoos translate from college to corporate?






Alee Kwong’s tattoos done in the theme of guro-kawaii, a Japanese-style horror cute. (Photo Bin Chen)

At a tattoo parlor in the outer Sunset District of San Francisco, a needle, at 3,000 times per minute, injects ink into Alee Kwong’s inner arm forming her first tattoo.

Upon first glance, with a septum piercing and her hair cut short, Kwong, 21, wearing a navy quilted jacket with a corduroy collar, black denim and a beanie, looks in her words, like a “no good Millennial ruffian.”

“Every generation is going to have that one trend that is going to send the older generation over the edge,” she says. “Trends define a generation. It timestamps them.”Among young adults, the popularity and interest of getting a tattoo has been growing rapidly for the past couple of decades. According to the National Institute of Health , 73% of people got their first tattoo between 18 to 22 years of age or their “college years.” And an estimated 40% of Millennials have a tattoo, a Pew Research Center report shows .“The trend I’ve been seeing leads me to believe that young people are not overly concerned with the possibility that having visible tattoos may effect their ability to get a job,” Jodi Silvio says. Alee Kwong stands in front of Boba Guys in San Francisco (Photo Bin Chen) However, Silvio, 23, who graduated from Arizona State University last year with a degree in U.S. history, has five tattoos and personally decides to cover her tattoos completely before going to a professional interview.“I choose to cover my tattoos during the interview process and during the first few days of a new job so that I won’t be judged right off the bat simply because of the ink in my skin.”This is a good move, according to Scott Berren, ASU’s Career Center assistant director of research and assessment. Students should be as professional as one can be when making first impressions in […]