Flash Tattoos by Miranda Burnet

Flash Tattoos by Miranda Burnet

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Flash Tattoos by Miranda Burnet


Meet Miranda Burnet, the Genius Entrepreneur Behind Flash Tattoos

Temporary tattoos used to be those cheap-looking, kitschy body decorations we sported as kids during birthday parties or teenagers at football games. Flash Tattoos has changed all that. By upping the aesthetic and using the tattoos in place of jewelry, these commitment-free tats have become a major phenomenon and beauty staple at music festivals .

Miranda Burnet, founder of Flash Tattoos, started this project as a hobby that flourished into a booming business — in just under a year! Based in Austin, TX, Burnet spent seven years at a furniture wholesaler working in product development before turning the tattoo gig into a full-time job. Read on to learn more how this metallic, statement-making body art came to be in our exclusive chat with Miranda!

POPSUGAR: What inspired Flash Tattoos? Was there an "aha" moment?

Miranda Burnet: The idea sparked while I was creating mood boards for inspiration on some new furniture projects I was working on at the time. I came across an image of beautiful women applying intricate patterns of 24-karat gold leaf on their bodies in a magazine. Intrigued by these elegant and expensive adornments, I wanted to put a fun spin on couture jewelry to create a captivating line that was not only beautiful but also fun and affordable. My affinity for bold jewelry and accessories was the driving force behind Flash Tattoos. PS: What would people be surprised to know about you or Flash Tattoos? Do you have any real tattoos of your own?

MB: Probably that I don’t have real tattoos! Coming from a creative background, I am constantly exposed to new ideas that I find totally inspiring. It’s tough to find a design that I would love to have permanently inked on my body, so no . . . I don’t have any real tattoos. I think that’s a very common reason why a lot of people don’t have […]