Snow: Tattoo: An abuse or ‘thing of beauty and a joy forever’?

Snow: Tattoo: An abuse or ‘thing of beauty and a joy forever’?

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Snow: Tattoo: An abuse or ‘thing of beauty and a joy forever’?

As we drove the main drag of Jacksonville on the way home from the beach, I marveled again at the number of tattoo parlors along the way. I mused that we must have an entire industry built around folks who want to deface their bodies with art or messages to the world.

Indeed, there is. A 2012 survey by the American Medical Association reported that the industry takes in a cool $2.3 billion a year.

Because I don’t understand this phenomenon doesn’t mean I’m criticizing it. “To each his own,” said the farmer as he kissed his cow.

Many tattoos, like bumper stickers, transmit messages such as “My son is an honor student at Camp Polk” or “I love Grammaw,” etc.

I would think, though, that as fickle as love is, a person would be cautious about having terms of endearment drawn on the body.

For example, wearing “I love Gloria” on your chest while in bed romancing a girl named “Sue Ellen” would surely have a chilling effect on the encounter. Sticking with just “Mom,” a popular tattoo, is safer, cheaper and less painful.

Time was when tattoos were viewed with disdain. It wasn’t until the 1970s that they became generally, but by no means universally, accepted. I reiterate: A person’s skin is his or her own to adorn as desired.

The AMA reported that 21 percent of Americans wear tattoos, which are more popular with women than men.

Nationally, the AMA found, the average per-hour cost of a tattoo ranges from $80 to $100. However, the per-hour cost in Brooklyn, N.Y., ranges from $150 to $350. Sources say removing tattoos is more expensive and painful than inking them.Were I desirous of a tattoo, choosing the message or art would not be easy.Would I wear a miniature tattoo of UNC’s Old Well on the back of my hand or choose to have a sketch of the Blue Ridge Mountains running down my arm?I read on the Internet that more and more […]