Father-of-five left 'a social outcast and unable to get a job' after getting DIY facial tattoo using PRINTER INK while drunk

Father-of-five left unable to get a job since DIY facial tattoo using PRINTER INK while drunk

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Father-of-five left 'a social outcast and unable to get a job' after getting DIY facial tattoo using PRINTER INK while drunk

Lee, a father-of-five from Grimsby, says tattoos have ruined his life

35-year-old has even attempted to remove them using a cheese grater

DIY tattoos were made using printer ink during a drunken party

He has not worked for five years because of the facial inkings 

Published: 11:38 EST, 5 January 2015 | Updated: 13:56 EST, 5 January 2015

According to the most recent figures, one million Britons claim to have gotten a tattoo during a late night drinking session.

But for one man, the consequences proved particularly severe. Not only did Lee, a father-of-five from Grimsby lose his job, his facial tattoos have also resulted in social ostracism and his children being picked on at school.

So desperate to get rid of them did the 35-year-old become, he even resorted to trying to scratch them off using a cheese grater.

Scroll down for video  Disaster: 35-year-old Lee says his facial inkings have ruined his life and left him an outcast +5’I went from a hard-working father to unemployed overnight,’ says Lee. ‘I find it hard to get a job of any kind and as for paid work, I haven’t had any in five years. ‘Interviewers say "I don’t think you’d be quite right for this position" and I know it’s because of my face.’Lee’s ordeal began following a drunken party. After the discussion moved to inkings, a friend boasted he could make a tattoo gun. Much to everyone’s surprise, he did.’He got a little motor, some biros and this welding thing and he came back an hour later with this machine,’ remembers Lee.’I thought: "This is pretty cool!" He didn’t have any ink so someone went and got a printer cartridge and we all thought: well this will do! It was nuts!’ Unemployed: Since getting the tattoos, the Grimsby father-of-five has been unable to find a job Difference: Lee wishes he had kept his face tattoo-free and says people judge him for his tattoos […]

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