Seahawks tattoos: Fans show loyalty with permanent ink

Seahawks tattoos: Fans show loyalty

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Seahawks tattoos: Fans show loyalty with permanent ink




»Play Video Tim Connors shows off his Seahawks tattoo, which was created last year at Good Karma Body Art in Edmonds. SEATTLE (AP) – In 90 minutes, Jason Estep can take off this embarrassing Green Bay Packers bandage. He frowns when he raises his left arm to show a visitor in Lake Forest Park’s 522 Tattoo as his tattoo artist Erika Jones, the green-and-yellow clad culprit behind the joke, laughs deviously at her handy work.

Underneath the green and yellow bandage are Estep’s true colors: a blue and green Seahawks logo, freshly minted on the inside of his left biceps, still raw from being under Jones’ tattoo gun for two hours.

When another jersey isn’t enough and you already own everything in the pro shop, a tattoo is just natural, said Estep, who got his first Seahawks tattoo two days before the Hawks punched their ticket to a second straight Super Bowl with an epic comeback over Jones’ Packers.

"If you’re a fan forever, then you’re a fan forever," Estep said. "Why not wear it forever?"

However long local 12s have been Seahawks loyals, the team’s rise has many of them giving an arm, leg or torso to show support for their team and their city with permanent ink.

"Whether they’re bandwagon fans for a sports team or not, a lot of people take pride in this city in general," said Graydon Payne, a tattoo artist at Queen Anne’s Rooster Down Tattoo Gallery, who estimates he’s done approximately two dozen Seahawks tattoos in the past year.After last year’s Super Bowl run galvanized a new wave of fans, Seattle-area tattoo shops saw an uptick in Seahawks tattoos, particularly during the weeks leading up the NFC Championship Game last season when the Hawks were viewed as the favorite.Payne said the fact that fans are choosing tattoos in addition to more traditional forms of support like jerseys or flags goes along with a growing trend […]