Tattoos Do's and Tattoos Don'ts: Booking Your Appointment

Tattoos Do’s and Don’ts When Booking Your Appointment

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Tattoos Do's and Tattoos Don'ts: Booking Your Appointment

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As a casual student of the arts for the last 20+ years, and an avid tattoo collector for the past 9 years, I prefer to think of tattooing as if it were an extension of the humanities. In many ways, tattoos (especially traditionally styled ones) retain the essence of Paleolithic cave drawings, of which the oldest known to man are presumed to be dated over 35,000 years. And while it’s impossible to know exactly the finer details behind what communication purposes the cave drawings served, it’s painfully clear that humans have always carried an innate need to share stories with one another about our surroundings, our rituals and ceremonies, our backgrounds, and our journeys. If I’ve learned anything at all along the way, it’s that a narrative this old needs to be met with respect. This is the first installment in my series on Tattoos Do’s and Tattoos Don’ts; or, how not to piss off the guy who’s going to mark your body permanently.  Artist, Tattoos Do’s & Don’ts: Booking Your Appointment mediaphotos via Getty Images

1. Choose Your Artist Carefully

No one ever asked Kurt Cobain to write a rap song (or at least I really hope no ever did). Stan Lee was never commissioned to paint a nature scene. And in a perfect world Kid Cudi would have stayed in the studio and completely avoided the silver screen. Before you try to book an appointment, consider the style and preferences of your artist. Look through his or her portfolio. Lurk them like you’d lurk a first date with a hot Tinder match. Because if you arrive at your consultation with Anderson Luna and ask for a Disney Princesses chest piece, you’re going to be as sorely disappointed as you would be if you’d just been catfished.  Patience, Tattoos Do’s & Don’ts: Booking Your Appointment studiocasper via Getty Images

2. Patience Is […]