14 popular tattoos in St Helens - Merseyside's tattoo capital

14 popular tattoos in St Helens – Merseyside’s tattoo capital

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14 popular tattoos in St Helens - Merseyside's tattoo capital

Love tattoo at Anarchy Tattoo Studio in St Helens St Helens has been crowned the tattoo capital of Merseyside.

The town has more tattoo parlours per person than anywhere else in the region with around one parlour for every 5,537 people.

The names of St Helens’ 32 licenced parlours include Satans Soul Tattoo, the Bleeding Rose, Urban Ink, Fishbone, Skin Kandi, Tattoo Chaos and Tuffy’s Tattoo.

Blackpool is England’s tattoo capital, among the 300 councils that released their figures for licenced premises under Freedom of Information laws. Scottish tattoo at Anarchy Tattoo Studio in St Helens Ste Cliffe, 47, owner of Anarchy Tattoo Studio in St Helens, said the high number of licensed tattoo parlours could reflect the local council’s success in clamping down on unlicensed tattoo artists, not signed up to health and safety regulations.

But he also said local sailors’ historic love of tattoos from foreign ports and the modern influence of celebrity culture could explain tattoos’ popularity across the region as a whole.

Some of the most popular designs in his St Helens parlour are featured below.

He said: “It’s a bubble that’s never burst. St Helens has always had lots of people who get tattoos, but I think it’s partly a Northern thing. Sailors used to get them from docks around the world and return to Liverpool, and it could have cascaded across the local area.

“There was an upturn after Beckham had tattoos a few years ago, and Rihanna more recently. There’s a lot of peer pressure.

“But the environmental health standards are also quite high locally – people scratching unlawfully at home are dealt with or prosecuted by the council. I’ve invested thousands myself in cleaning and sterilising equipment that’s hospital-standard.” Big ben and yellow submarine tattoo at Anarchy Tattoo Studio in St Helens He said his most unusual recent designs include a sleeve with symbols of every place one girl had visited, from a Lambanana to Big Ben to Australian koalas.Another client had a picture […]

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