angels tattoo

Angel Tattoos

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angel tattoos

Well I got the tattoo for my mom as you might know she passed away when I was 5 weeks old. The signiture at the bottom is her actual signiture I found a piece of paper in her jewlery box where she had just doodled it.

  My tatto artist (which by the way is AWSOME) copied it and added it to the tattoo so it is her actual hand writing. The tat is based on a poster done by Victoria Frances. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her work…



…but in her angel pic she has a cat and in mine I replaced the cat with a taterd teddy bear b/c it represents my childhood with out her (my mom) here with me and the things I had to go through growing up which trust me is alot…but yea that pretty much sums it up…

angels tattoos

angels tattoos

I cant wait till I get my next one…i’ll tell you about it later!!


  1. How much is too much tattooing. I used to drive a cab and tourists would comment on how nice people are and how many tats they had. I hadn’t thought about it until then but, Portlander’s do seem to get tats just to have them. I guess more ink = more better. Personally I don’t think should get a tattoo of a turtle just because they went to Cancun on vacation. I think the tat should have more meaning. It is, however, good for business. Anyone have a differing idea. I’d be glad to hear it.

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