Tattoo trends in Lancaster and beyond

Tattoo trends in Lancaster and beyond

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Tattoo trends in Lancaster and beyond

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Whether you consider tattoos art for aesthetics’ sake or an image heavy with meaning, Malik Rhodes has another way of explaining it.

“Sort of like a skin-based time capsule,” said the tattoo artist at No Heroes in Lancaster.

Tattoos are a time capsule of who’s getting inked as well as what’s in style and what’s dominating pop culture.

An LNP survey of Lancaster County tattoo shops finds their top trends share some of Inked magazine’s top tattoo trends of the year. County tattooists see high demand for new trends like mandalas and stippling, tattoos made from lots of tiny dots.

They’re also asked to create styles that date back decades in what’s called American traditional tattoos (World War II-era tattoos a la Sailor Jerry ) .

Tattoos are becoming more common with each generation. About 40 percent of millennials (ages 18 to 29) in the U.S. have at least one tattoo, according to a 2010 survey conducted by Pew Research. They are the most inked generation, followed by Generation X (ages 30-45), about a third of which have tattoos.

Only 15 percent of baby boomers (ages 45 to 64) and 6 percent of seniors have tattoos.

That momentum helps change tattoo design, said Rocky Rakovic, editor-in-chief of Inked magazine.“As with all art, like say, music, when a new generation with different outlooks and tastes becomes part of the conversation, part of the scene, they bring to it their ideas to the medium,” Rakovic said. “Also with tattoos being an artistic medium, they reflect what is going on in current society and that changes as the culture adapts.”Some designs reflect pop culture (“Frozen” tattoos) or sometimes a celebrity’s latest tattoo. Mastle’s Tattoos in Akron has heard from women who want something similar to singer Rihanna’s hand and collarbone designs, said tattoo artist Eileen Joyce.Also pushing the needle are advancements in equipment, making more precise work possible.Social media also has allowed people to share their tattoos and designs around […]