Flash Tattoos mimics metallic jewelry with temporary tattoos

Flash Tattoos mimics metallic jewelry with temp tattoos

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Flash Tattoos mimics metallic jewelry with temporary tattoos

(Photo: Courtesy Flash Tattoos) Some may remember the early days of begging our parents for a quarter to buy a fake tattoo from a supermarket vending machine. One company, however, is doing all it can to help temporary tattoos push past their adolescence.

Flash Tattoos, created in Austin, Texas, in 2013, is a company that is using tattoos to mimic metallic jewelry.

Miranda Burnet, a fan of bold jewelry and accessories and the creator of Flash Tattoos, was inspired to start the company after making mood boards for a furniture project, as well as seeing photos of women with gold leaf painted on their bodies.

"Flash Tattoos are the perfect mix of nostalgia and sophistication — a temporary tattoo that we all loved as kids that looks like couture jewelry," said Kirsten Stoddard, a public relations and marketing manager for Flash Tattoos, in an email. "It’s also a really affordable and beautiful accessory that makes a big style statement."

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The tattoos come in packs of three to four sheets, giving both men and women dozens of options to choose from. Some collections are named after the mood that the design is supposed to evoke.

Others, however, are named after places. The Sophia collection, for example, was inspired by the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

For those who might be wary about this product and how easy it is for the everyday fashionista to sport, they’re just as easy to apply as the temporary tattoos of the old days.

You just cut around the design as close as possible, remove the plastic sheet, place it face down and wet it with a cloth for about 30 seconds. There are currently 12 designs on the website with more to come in 2015.Students such as Fracheska Aristy, a junior graphic design major, likes the variety that Flash Tattoos offers to future trendsetters.The tattoos can be worn like temporary jewlery, and can be put on in […]