Miley Cyrus Gets Matching Tattoos With Cheyne Thomas — But What About Patrick Schwarzenegger?

Miley Cyrus Gets Matching Tattoos With Cheyne Thomas

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Miley Cyrus Gets Matching Tattoos With Cheyne Thomas — But What About Patrick Schwarzenegger?

Miley Cyrus and Cheyne Thomas Miley Cyrus got a matching tattoo, but not with her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger. The “Wrecking Ball” singer recently got matching tattoos with her best friend and assistant, Cheyne Thomas. Bustle reported that Miley was spotted out in California with a new tattoo on her arm . The news site also noted that the singer should calm down on the tattoos or she’ll look like Harry Styles.

Cyrus’ latest tattoo says “BIEWTY,” whatever that means. It’s the same tattoo that she shares with her good friend, Cheyne Thomas. Bustle noted that “BIEWTY” is the phonetic spelling of the word “Beauty” when sounded out. Cyrus also reportedly refers to Thomas as her “Biew,” which could also mean “Beau” or “Boo.”

Miley and Cheyne took to Instagram to share their matching tattoos. They reportedly had their tattoos done at the Unbreakable tattoo parlor in Studio City on Saturday, according to X17 Online . The celebrity gossip site is also not a fan of Miley’s new tattoo, and thinks her current collection is making her look tackier than ever.

This isn’t the first time that Miley and Cheyne got matching tattoos. They also gave each other tattoos in July of last year, which they also posted on Instagram. Miley and Cheyne got various tattoos on each others’ ankles. The singer was only able to doodle a smiley face on her male friend’s leg.

The Daily Mail reported that Cyrus had a wild weekend – sans boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger . The performer took to Instagram to post lyrics to Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man.” Cyrus also partook in her usual nonsense and craziness. She reportedly spent the weekend with Thomas, along with model Stella Maxwell, designer Jeremy Scott, and Bruce and Demi’s daughter, Tallulah Willis. The threesomes played a wild game of Twister. Cyrus, of course, posted the photos on her Instagram account.

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