Why Tattoos Are Still Taboo at the Office

Why Tattoos Are Still Taboo at the Office

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Why Tattoos Are Still Taboo at the Office

40% of millennials have at least one tattoo, according to Pew Research Center. But that doesn’t mean the gen X-ers and baby boomers who often do the hiring like what they see.

So while more millennials are inking up, 70% say they make sure their tattoos can be hidden from the eyes of the boss.

And, as millennials continue to become a larger part of the workforce, reservations about putting their body art on display are likely to grow.

A recent University of Tampa study found that 86% of students with visible tattoos surveyed think they will have a harder time finding a job after graduation. When deciding where to put a tattoo, 89% said they will consider how it will impact their job options.

“If you walk into a boardroom and you have that baby girl tattoo on your neck, you may not get that job you want,” said Univerity of Tampa assistant professor Kristen Foltz, who conducted the research.

Foltz, a millennial herself, has a number of tattoos. But she has always been careful to get them in areas she can cover.

Katie Murtagh, a first-year law student at the Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina, has a couple of tattoos and may get more. The images are personal icons, including a four-leaf clover to represent her Irish heritage. But she has made sure to keep them hidden so they would not hurt her future as a lawyer.

“I know a lot of people who have tattoos, including two of my close friends, have them very visible, on their arms, neck and ankle, but they don’t think their profession is going to care,” Murtagh said. “They are not looking for white-collar jobs.”

But her other friends “definitely think about where to put” a tattoo, she noted. “It is something that you are very conscious of as a 23-year-old,” added Murtagh. “The fact is that they are still very taboo in the business world, but we are trying to change […]

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