How to dress to complement your tattoos

Dressing to complement tattoos

How to dress to complement your tattoos

Angel Garcia, of Denver, shows how to dress your tattoos in black. Garcia, a make-up artist and stylist, also recommends no crazy patterns. If you must do patterns, go simple, with polka dots or stripes, she says. ( )

My new floral-print dress matched my eyes, hair color, makeup and facial skin tone. I had followed all the fashion rules and shopped within my color palette.

But it clashed with my arms. My left arm, in particular.

The fabric print was nearly the same color scheme as my arm tattoos. Nearly, but not quite. It was just similar enough to blend in and just different enough to compete. I looked as if I had paired my dress with a mismatched blazer, one that I could never take off.

The dress had to go. It was easier to replace than my arms.

As increasingly more people, especially women, get tattoos, these kinds of fashion issues get more mainstream.

A Fox News poll last year found that nearly half of women under the age of 35 have tattoos (47 percent), nearly twice as many as men in that same age group (25 percent). Other polls have indicated even higher percentages, but one trend seems to be consistent: Women want ink.

(Insert counter-criticisms about tattoos here, and then embellish with sexist commentary about "femininity" that holds women to different rules, standards and levels of judgment about their physical appearance than men. Make sure you use this as an opportunity to dog female sexuality and perceived promiscuity, of course.)

(Now insert me owning my own body for my own personal reasons that I don’t have to justify to anyone else.)With our new skin colors, patterns and pictures come new fashion considerations. Boulder professional stylist Jennifer Krigsman, owner of ColorOnStyle , recently published a blog on the topic of dressing for your tattoos. Courtney MacArthur, who founded the Boulder County Bombers roller derby team, believes black complements her tattoos. ( "It can be hard to marry […]