'Feeling the Bern' for the long term: Bernie Sanders tattoos making a statement

Bernie Sanders tattoos making a statement

'Feeling the Bern' for the long term: Bernie Sanders tattoos making a statement

Tarah MacGregor is about as diehard a Bernie Sanders supporter as there is. She even has the tattoo to prove it.

“This is not a campaign,” MacGregor said. “This is a revolution.”

A Seabrook resident and native, MacGregor will be graduating from Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill this spring and wants to take an active role in the world that she inherits. Already a veteran of 13 political campaigns at the age of 23, MacGregor has worked on the presidential campaigns for Democratic candidates John Edwards, President Barack Obama, and Sanders’ current primary rival, former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

But the 2016 election season is the first time MacGregor has opted to ink a political tattoo (on her left ankle).

This year’s presidential election has been an interesting one in the region’s tattoo parlors. Earlier this year, a Seabrook tattoo parlor offered free Donald Trump tattoos and was inundated with Trump supporters.

In response, a Vermont tattoo parlor, Aartistic Inc., has been giving out Sanders tattoos — it’s a stylized image that shows Sanders’ glasses and wavy hair. It too was inundated with takers. That’s where MacGregor got her tattoo.

“Bernie transcends this election,” MacGregor said. “The tattoo is less about a figure running for election right now and more of an ideology that is more a part of my belief system. It’s less of Bernie and more of an image and an ideal government that I picture, a government that is more in line with my personal beliefs, more in line with globalization and more in line with the people.”

Sanders, 73, a Vermont U.S. senator who describes himself as a “Democratic Socialist,” has struck a chord with the so-called Millennial generation, most of whom are of voting age for the first time this year.

“In a lot of the conversations I have had with the baby boomer generation and those in between them and the Millennials, they grew up in a very different time,” […]