Mundelein trustees' tattoos show their love of their suburb

Mundelein trustees tattoos show their love of their suburb

Mundelein trustees' tattoos show their love of their suburb

Mundelein trustees Dakotah Norton, left, and Holly Kim show off their tattoos of the village logo. If you want to know how much Mundelein trustees Holly Kim and Dakotah Norton love their community, just look at their arms.

Both have tattoos of Mundelein’s logo — a star-shaped array of colorful M’s.

Norton, 26, got his tattoo first, not long after he joined the village board last year. Kim, 35, got her ink last month and called it "a nice passport stamp on this great adventure of life."

"When my future grandkids or anyone ask about it, I can point to it and say, ‘This star? Well, one time when Grandma was younger, I ran for public office,’" Kim said.

A lifelong Mundelein resident, Norton said his tattoo is about more than his service on the board.

"The Mundelein star, for me, shows that I care about the village that made me ‘me’ and the respect I have for all the people in it," he said.

It’s also a rare commitment, at least in the Northwest suburbs. Kim and Norton may be the only trustees in the area with tattoos depicting a municipal logo.

Naperville Park District Commissioner Bill Eagan has a pair of tattoos, both of cartoon characters. He said he was impressed Kim and Norton have such pride in their hometown.

"Tattoos express something about you that you are willing to share outwardly," Eagan said. "However, that kind of tattoo is not for me. While we never plan on leaving Naperville, if we were to move I am unsure if the tattoo would remain relevant."Batavia Alderman Marty Callahan has a tattoo in a place he described as "well-hidden." It depicts Felix the Cat with an oar, and it represents his time on the rowing team at Purdue University.Adding Batavia’s logo to his skin isn’t on Callahan’s to-do list."If I had a tattoo for the places I’ve lived, I would look like a steamer trunk," he said.Mundelein trustees Holly Kim and Dakotah […]

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