I told my parents about my tattoos — here’s what happened

Guess What Happened When I Told My Parents About My Tattoos?

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I told my parents about my tattoos — here’s what happened

I told my parents about my tattoos — here’s what happened More I began my ink journey at 19, without the consent of my parents. You might think, “You’re an adult, you can do whatever you want;” however, it didn’t feel like that was the case. Ever since I was a child, my parents told me that I’d be written out of their will if I got a tattoo. Of course, I later learned that was just a parental tactic. Nonetheless, my parents were still helping me financially, so it was in my best interest not to fall out of their good graces. They were adamantly against tattoos; it didn’t matter what argument I brought to the table, they weren’t going to change their minds. After numerous excruciatingly long and heated battles, I gave up trying to convince them otherwise. I was emotionally spent, and I’m sure they were, too. I had to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to get their approval, and simply move on, because, after all the tattoo was for me, and me only.

I didn’t want to show blatant disrespect towards my parents, so I made sure to get my tattoos in places that were easily concealable — my legs. I couldn’t wear shorts anymore when I went home, which at first didn’t bother me; however, I live in Texas, which means 90 degree weather during the spring, summer, and sometimes even the fall. I quickly learned that having to wear pants all the time in Texas was an exceptionally miserable affair. Whenever I went home or visited family, I had to be meticulous about everything I wore, even my pajamas. This became mentally exhausting, and I started living in constant fear of my parents finding out about my ink. Everywhere I went I felt paranoid.

I wanted so badly to tell my parents; in fact, there were times when I wished that they had somehow found […]