Moony over tattoos tied to the eclipse

Moony over tattoos tied to the eclipse

Moony over tattoos tied to the eclipse

Leslie Oldfield posted this photo on Facebook last week of her and daughter Ellie’s wrists. LATROBE, Pa. – You think full moons make people a little nutty?

Monday’s solar eclipse already is affecting people’s behavior, including that of a Latrobe librarian who was moved to get a moon tattoo on her ankle to sort of match tattoos on the wrists of her anti-tattoo librarian sister and her niece. And her nephew and his wife plan to also get commemorative moon tats when nine family members gather this weekend in South Carolina to experience the total eclipse.

Tracy Trotter, director of the Adams Memorial Library, is a self-described astronomy and history geek who helped organize this Pittsburgh family expedition last year in lieu of Christmas presents. The plan was for relatives to stay in an affordable beach motel they booked early in Myrtle Beach and, on Monday, drive two hours farther south into the "path of totality" in Charleston, where they aim to experience the total eclipse from at or near Fort Sumter.

Getting tattoos there to remember this rare celestial event was the idea of the nephew, J.P. Oldfield, and his wife, Cerina, of Pittsburgh.

"I said, ‘That’s pretty cool, but we all should get them,’ " says Trotter.

Most of the group said yes, enthusiastically.

Trotter, of Hempfield, is 53, and this is her first tattoo: "I’ve always wanted one, but I’ve never had a reason to get one."

Armed with the story of a total eclipse that’s long been on her bucket list, she drew up her own design and took it and herself to Dave Plummer’s brand-new shop in Latrobe last week, when the other ladies joined her. They wanted to give their tattoos time to heal so they could safely swim in the ocean.

Being a librarian, "I had to add a touch that tied it back to a book," Trotter says, explaining, "My favorite book is Watership Down , a book with characters who are rabbits, so […]