'No Limits Tattoo' Opens in Centralia

‘No Limits Tattoo’ Opens in Centralia

'No Limits Tattoo' Opens in Centralia

No Limits Tattoo owner Derek House conducts a tour of his new shop on Monday afternoon in Centralia. Since the beginning of December, Centralia’s new one-man tattoo shop “No Limits Tattoo” has been open for business.

“I love what I do as a tattoo artist,” said Derek House, owner and artist. “It gives me an opportunity to make changes in other people’s lives for the better. Whether it’s a defining moment, whether it’s a rejoicing moment, whether it’s getting some closure from a sad, tragic moment — I’m the person who gets to share that experience with them and kind of make a difference in their life by what they are getting put on their body.” No Limits Tattoo owner Derek House shows a picture of his shop before he renovated it this fall on Monday afternoon in Centralia. House began renovating the shop space in October and was finally ready to open at the beginning of this month. The name No Limits Tattoo is the same as the original shop he previously opened in Toledo.

“I wanted it to be where when people came to see me, I wasn’t going to limit myself,” said House of the name. “I do portraits, I can do tribals, I can do anything. I never had a mentor that taught me how to tattoo. … I am completely self taught, but I have been drawing for years. So I used everything that I understand from art and what I learned from art classes and stuff like that, and I incorporate that into my tattooing.”

The original No Limits Tattoo opened in Toledo in 2011. House ran the shop for two years, but closed from lack of business. He expects more traffic at his address in Centralia, however.

Previously, House was a union pipe welder and also studied tattooing. After his Toledo shop closed, House went back to welding. Due to health reasons, however, the work was especially dangerous for him.

House served […]