‘Beautiful’ tattoos cover breast cancer scars

Beautiful tattoos cover up breast cancer scars

(Photo: Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY Staff) Cancer not only took Dana Kasse Donofree’s breasts, it marred her body with permanent reminders of pain and loss. “I didn’t want to look in the mirror every day and see the scars. I wanted to see something beautiful,” said the 33-year-old Philadephia woman, a good friend… Read More

Angelina Jolie's tattoos may be “art” but on other women they're just bad graffiti

A. Jolie’s tattoos may be art but on other women they’re called bad graffiti

FILE — March 28, 2015: Actress Angelina Jolie waves as she accepts the Best Villain Award at the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California. (Reuters) It’s summer, and with the advent of sleeveless dress and spaghetti strap season, I am reminded why I find tattoos on women so offensive: they are simply unsightly… Read More

Museum Exhibit Shows Tattoos are More Than Skin Deep

Museum Exhibit Prove Tattoos are More Than Skin Deep

Kitsap Sun, Bremerton, Wash. | Apr 24, 2015 | by Ed Friedrich BREMERTON — Sailors didn’t invent tattoos. They just picked them up and went with them, all the way to the mainstream. Puget Sound Navy Museum’s new exhibit, "Skin Deep: The Nautical Roots of Tattoo Culture," traces the ties between sailors and tattoos, from… Read More

Workzone: Tattoos are losing their taboo

Workzone: Tattoos are losing their taboo

Josh Cascone, 23, prays during Bible study at In the Blood Tattoo and Piercing, the South Side headquarters of The End Ministries, an emergent ministry that offers hospitality to those who are disenchanted with mainstream churches. By Steve Twedt / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette There was a time when sporting a tattoo meant “you’re either a sailor,… Read More

How to stop tattoos fading in the sun

How to prevent tattoos from fading in the sun

Going, going … Photo: iStock It’s like one of those dreams where your teeth start crumbling, or you’re back at school, only naked. You’ve dropped big bucks on a great tattoo. It’s your pride and joy. It means something important to you . But you’re at the beach this summer and beneath the sun’s harsh… Read More

Uncle Josh of Leap of Faith Tattoo on Military Ink and His Many Tattoos

Uncle Josh of Leap of Faith Tattoo – Military Ink – His Many Tattoos

Uncle Josh doesn’t just specialize in one area of tattooing, he prefers doing both traditional and portrait work. Josh Chesler Much of America’s tattooing tradition comes from the military, with Navy sailors being a strong part of tattooing history. It so happens that Josh Gargalione’s interest in tattoos was sparked before his service time, but… Read More

Behind the Ink: Students explain tattoo origins, stories

Behind the Ink: Students explain tattoo origins, stories

Behind the Ink: Students explain tattoo origins, stories By Justin Kirkham and Patty Bowen From waving grass and setting suns to photographic-like portraits and catch phrases, student tattoos come in endlessly different forms.But, such a permanent, bodily imprint often comes with a distinct set of reasons and back stories which are as varied as the… Read More