Toronto chefs' tattoos, captured in photos

Toronto chefs’ tattoos, captured in photos

Charlotte Langley, chef at Scout Canning: “The mackerel is her favourite fish. She’s an east coast girl, so she loves seafood, and is passionate about sustainable fishing.” Some folks see ample tattoos as a service industry cliché; instead, photographer Brilynn Ferguson spotted a world ripe for documentation. Her Industry Ink project features portraits of chefs,… Read More

Moony over tattoos tied to the eclipse

Moony over tattoos tied to the eclipse

Leslie Oldfield posted this photo on Facebook last week of her and daughter Ellie’s wrists. LATROBE, Pa. – You think full moons make people a little nutty? Monday’s solar eclipse already is affecting people’s behavior, including that of a Latrobe librarian who was moved to get a moon tattoo on her ankle to sort of… Read More

All Sacred Tattoo Shop Wants to Remove Your Gang Tattoos for Free

All Sacred Tattoo Shop Wants to Remove Your Gang Tattoos!

Aries Rhysing of All Sacred Foundation and Tattoo Shop has a new goal in mind: Removing tattoos for free is not an ordinary service offered by tattoo artists, but All Sacred is no ordinary tattoo shop. The socially conscious shop is currently in the market for a tattoo-removal laser and hopes to offer free tattoo… Read More

A relative of King Tat? Egyptian mummy adorned with tattoos

Egyptian Mummy Adorned With Tattoos

Archeologists say the tattoos on this Egyptian woman, who lived 3,000 years ago, were intentionally placed on visible areas such as the neck in order to signify her important religious role. When Stanford University archeologist Anne Austin began her inspection of the 3,000-year-old body, it was immediately apparent something unusual had happened to the long-deceased… Read More

Miley Cyrus and Elsa Pataky cement their friendship over their love for Hemsworth brothers with matching tattoos

Miley Cyrus and Elsa Pataky cement their friendship

She has been rapidly adding to her inkings while in Australia with Liam Hemsworth and his family. And Miley Cyrus, 23, has further cemented her bond with the Hemsworth clan, by getting a matching tattoo with Liam’s brother Chris’s wife Elsa Pataky, 39. Although not quite sisters-in-law – yet – the ladies in the siblings’… Read More

Izzy’s 25th Anniversary Tattoos and Blues begins in Santa Rosa

Izzy’s 25th Anniversary Tattoos and Blues begins in Santa Rosa

Tattoo Lesson No. 1 comes courtesy of Danville resident Eric Moore: Never ink someone’s name on your body — unless it’s simply Mom. Moore, 54 and laughing hysterically, said he speaks from experience. And that’s apparently all anyone needs to know. Lesson No. 2, offered first by event producer Izzy La Plante and then by… Read More

Study Finds Women With Four or More Tattoos Have Higher Self-Esteem

We know that tattoos can connect people with shared interests. We know that tattoos can be empowering . We know that tattoos can help someone reclaim their body . Now a new study suggests that tattoos may lead to higher self-esteem . According a recent study by Texas Tech University sociology professor Jerome Koch titled… Read More

Tattoo art now hitting the auction block

Tattoo art hitting the auction block

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years and have become the new normal, but now they are headed into the world of fine art , fetching high prices at Guernsey’s auction house. Often misunderstood, tattoos have been part of cultural traditions all over the world. Brought stateside by swells of servicemen post-World War II,… Read More

My tattoos help me feel more comfortable in my own skin

My tattoos help me feel more comfortable in my skin

Brian Switek’s allosaurus tattoo. Photograph: Tracey Switek The needle never hurts any less. Five previous sessions taught me that much, but I tried to push the fact out of my mind as Austin the tattoo artist gave his instrument a few experimental pulses before setting into the afternoon’s work. The tattoo gun sounded like an… Read More