Tattooed UK fan is Big Blue, truly

Tattooed UK fan is Big Blue truly

(Photo: Matt Stone, The Courier-Journal) Buy Photo CLEVELAND – Thomas Younce says he’ll be a Kentucky Wildcats fan for forever and always. He has it written all over his face. Younce is one of the most remarkable Big Blue fans — as in big blue ink — you’ll ever find, emblazoned with huge sideways "U"… Read More

Tattoo trends in Lancaster and beyond

Tattoo trends in Lancaster and beyond

Jeff Ruppenthal/Staff Related Stories Whether you consider tattoos art for aesthetics’ sake or an image heavy with meaning, Malik Rhodes has another way of explaining it. “Sort of like a skin-based time capsule,” said the tattoo artist at No Heroes in Lancaster. Tattoos are a time capsule of who’s getting inked as well as what’s… Read More

Hug Life: Four Days in a Hello Kitty Convention Tattoo Parlor

Four Days in a Hello Kitty Convention Tattoo Parlor

For Hello Kitty fanatics, free tattoos at the icon’s 40th-anniversary celebration are just another benchmark in a lifetime of nostalgia, identity, and devotion Courtesy of Sanrio Diana Torres showed up at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in downtown Los Angeles last Thursday morning at 3:45 A.M. It wasn’t colder than hoodie weather, even in the… Read More

These celebrity tattoos will make you laugh — and despair for humanity

We wouldn’t be surprised if Betty White herself actually has this one somewhere on her body. PATTINSON SMASH! PATTINSON STAR IN CRAPPY VAMPIRE SERIES FOR PRETEENS! “Get it? It’s Elvis PEZ-ley!” — This guy to anyone even kind of looking in the general direction of his tattoo. “Is this the real life? Is this just… Read More