These Women Transformed Their Breast Cancer Scars Into Gorgeous Survivor Tattoos

These Women Transformed Breast Cancer Scars Into Survivor Tattoos

by Katie Kausch This year breast cancer will affect an estimated 230,000 American women, many of whom will turn to surgery to prevent or treat the disease. Mastectomies often result in heavy scarring as well as the loss of the nipple, which doctors may attempt to recreate through tattoos. Unfortunately, with little tattoo training, doctors… Read More

British Skin Foundation Issues Warning Over Temporary 'Black Henna' Tattoos

British Skin Foundation Gives Warning Over Temporary ‘Black Henna’ Tattoos

A tattoo is seen on a customer during the annual Panama City Ink Fest in Panama City on Aug. 16, 2015. The British Skin Foundation has issued a warning against the use of the black henna tattoo, which is leaving children with painful scars, blisters and burns. The foundation has strictly recommended the parents to… Read More

Tattoos Do's and Tattoos Don'ts: Booking Your Appointment

Tattoos Do’s and Don’ts When Booking Your Appointment

Homepage, Tattoos Do’s & Don’ts: Booking Your Appointment ranplett via Getty Images As a casual student of the arts for the last 20+ years, and an avid tattoo collector for the past 9 years, I prefer to think of tattooing as if it were an extension of the humanities. In many ways, tattoos (especially traditionally… Read More

Thai festival brings together devotees of sacred tattooing

Thai festival brings together devotees of sacred tattooing

On the first Saturday of March, believers visit the Wat Bangphra Buddist temple to have their bodies tattooed Known for the ‘sak yants’ given by the monks who live there, these ‘magic tattoos’ are said to have mystical powers The ink, which may be infused with snake venom, causes its wearers to enter into a… Read More

Seahawks tattoos: Fans show loyalty with permanent ink

Seahawks tattoos: Fans show loyalty

10 comments print email »Play Video Tim Connors shows off his Seahawks tattoo, which was created last year at Good Karma Body Art in Edmonds. SEATTLE (AP) – In 90 minutes, Jason Estep can take off this embarrassing Green Bay Packers bandage. He frowns when he raises his left arm to show a visitor in… Read More

Tattoos & Torah: What do today’s teens in St. Louis think?

Tattoos & Torah: What today’s teens in St. Louis think?

Teens, jews and tattoos, oh my! Simchas Ad But getting a tattoo is not without its risks, including skin infections, potential HIV exposure and emotional regret later in life. However, for Jewish teens there is a deeper issue with tattoo art. As specified by the Torah, it is against Jewish tradition to make permanent markings… Read More

How Rethinking Dress Codes, Tattoos, Piercings Will Improve Your Customer Service

How Rethinking Dress Codes, Tattoos, Piercings Improves Customer Service

If you want to create a customer experience and style of customer service that puts both customers and employees at ease, revisit how you require your employees to dress. In today’s informal society, the most successful sartorial approach is, by and large, to encourage your customer-facing employees to dress more or less like your customers–at least like your… Read More

First tattoo? Syracuse artist offers 5 tips to consider if you're thinking about inking

5 tips to consider if you’re thinking about inking

DJ Rose owner of Halo Tattoo. Halo Tattoo on Marshall Street gives Syracuse University students and area residents a clean, safe, and welcoming environment to get inked. Scott Schild | SYRACUSE, N.Y. — DJ Rose has seen it all. After 17 years running Halo Tattoo on Marshall Street with co-owner Ron Perry, Rose has… Read More